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30 things I want to do before the age of 30

Despite it being 11 years away for me, there are a lot of things I’ve sat back and thought about wanting to do/achieve by the time I’m 30. I feel like 30 is a ‘good age’ where I would like to have my own home, family, etc, so maybe not have time for a lot […]

My everyday makeup routine

Working 4 days a week means I do not usually wear makeup on a daily basis, as working in fast food leaves you very greasy!!! Away from this however, I thought I’d share my go to everyday makeup look and products if I’m just popping out and about shopping etc. I wear more full coverage […]

The topic of friendship

My friends form one of the biggest aspects of my life undoubtedly. Something I have always been interested in is how friendships form between individuals, and how friendships can positively impact your life. I’d like to explore this now. Each friend I have now, I have met at a different stage of my life, never […]

Recently read bloggers/blog posts

Recently I’ve been paying more attention to what other’s are writing online, and not just the content I’ve been writing myself, after having a week off of frequent blogging. During this process, I have encountered some excellent blog posts of interest to me which I’d like to share with you below: The Resident Magazine – […]

Recently brought summer items

I must admit I have gone absolutely mad with online shopping since lockdown began, mostly out of boredom and the satisfaction of trying on new items of clothings, shoes, accessories, makeup, and random things I don’t really need. Amongst this assortment however, I have purchased some stuff which have been useful for the hot summer […]

Top tier items: Food + Drink

Inspired by a question proposed to me a few nights ago by my friends Harry and Toby over a game of Warzone on Xbox, this blog post contains my opinion on food and drink items which are top tier. The items below are all my favourites and are mostly in order ranking highest to lowest […]


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