30 things I want to do before the age of 30

Despite it being 11 years away for me, there are a lot of things I’ve sat back and thought about wanting to do/achieve by the time I’m 30. I feel like 30 is a ‘good age’ where I would like to have my own home, family, etc, so maybe not have time for a lot of the things I’d like to complete after this age, however I could be wrong! Below are 30 things I’d like to do/achieve before I reach the age of 30, and I’m going to treat this just like a bucket list, and hopefully when I look back in 5 years time for example, I’m getting a lot of stuff ticked off!

  1. Go travelling of some kind
  2. Have my own house/flat/apartment
  3. Get a tattoo(s)
  4. Visit America
  5. Graduate from uni and start my teaching career!
  6. Go snorkelling/scuba diving in the ocean
  7. Go skiing again
  8. Write and publish my own book!
  9. Learn another language fluently
  10. See the Northern Lights
  11. Visit Australia
  12. Learn how to budget my money !!!
  13. Acquire a new hobby – netball or running etc
  14. Learn to cook from scratch
  15. Visit the Harry Potter studios
  16. Visit New Zealand
  17. Get a new car – say bye to Cynthia the Citroen
  18. Limit my use of social media
  19. Live abroad for at least a year
  20. Throw a massive 21st Birthday party
  21. Walk up a mountain
  22. Get my own pet dog
  23. Ideally be settled down with the love of my life ?!
  24. Go on a spa day
  25. Be able to run a half marathon
  26. Go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier every single day
  27. Do a skydive
  28. Learn to love myself and be happy in my own body!
  29. Watch a show in a London theatre
  30. Always make my friends and family proud

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right”


By BloggingbyHayley

- Lifestyle blogger
- 19 year old Uni student
- England, UK

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