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Recently I’ve been paying more attention to what other’s are writing online, and not just the content I’ve been writing myself, after having a week off of frequent blogging. During this process, I have encountered some excellent blog posts of interest to me which I’d like to share with you below:

  1. The Resident Magazine – Away from WordPress, this blog provides a wonderful assortment of posts catered towards a wide audience surrounding London lifestyle, fashion, food, culture, etc!

2. Mary Chern’s Sheep Mentality in a Progressive World blog post on WordPress – an original and valid viewpoint on modern day society which we can so easily get caught up in

3. Christy B’s UK publishers, Authors, and Black Lives Matter blog post on WordPress – Racial inequality is a relevant subject which can be overlooked within the publishing/literature industry, and this blog post provides a fantastic report on this matter

4. Sandee, Comedy Plus’s Wordless Wednesday blog posts on WordPress – After looking at a few of these posts, they are simple yet effectively creative for the mind!

5. Samantha Maria – Discovered by Cosmopolitan, a beauty blogger covering travel, fashion and lifestyle (plus her website design is gorgeous!)

6. Miss Thrifty Blog – Providing the most useful life blogs, covering things that you should get taught at school but don’t!

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”

C.S Lewis

By BloggingbyHayley

- Lifestyle blogger
- 19 year old Uni student
- England, UK

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