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Who doesn’t love a good holiday? I’m writing this blog as my holiday to Bulgaria inevitably got cancelled due to everything that is going on at the moment, and obviously the priority remains health which is completely understandable. Whilst I have a lot of plans for travel in the upcoming year, I thought I’d share some of my previous travel experiences which I thought may be of interest!

Turkey 2014 – Antalya, Mirage Majesty Resort

This was a whole all inclusive family holiday back when I was 13. The resort itself and the facilities were amazing, I enjoyed the food and water slides etc, and the fact our hotel was on the beach and was also nearby to Kemer town was fab. However this quickly turned into one of the worst days of my life when I thought I was going to die on this camel which kept swerving into on coming lorries, and the not-so-lovely Turkish man wouldn’t actually stop, he just continued to take me away from my family which was not a pleasant experience to say the least!

Paris March 2015

This secondary school trip when I was 14 was a 3 day trip to Paris where we went up the Eiffel Tower and visited a WW2 memorial site (not sure where), as well as spent the day in Disneyland Paris. I have some extremely funny memories from this trip with friends.

Andorra March 2016

The day after I turned 15 I went on another secondary school trip skiing to Andorra, where our accommodation was a 5 minute walk to the cable carts to the slopes and I also remember really liking the food! I learnt to ski here in 9 days and I really enjoyed it, and the ski instructors were all really helpful. This trip was absolutely fab and I hope to go skiing again, except from the 27 hour coach journey to get there…!

Bulgaria June 2017

Following the end of my GCSE results I went to Sunny Beach with my Mum, Dad and brother. Our hotel was a row of hotels back from the beach/coastline which contained hundreds of market stalls, restaurants, clubs, bars, etc. The locals were really friendly also and we visited old Nessebar via a boat trip, an old town containing 5th-century ruins.

Disneyland Paris December 2017

In celebration of my sister’s 21st Birthday, a group of 5 females went to Paris for one night, and Disneyland Paris for 3 nights, and we visited Planet Hollywood too which was fab for food and cocktails.

Edinburgh June 2018

This trip was in aid of my Auntie’s Hen Party where the group of us 9 females stayed in a lovely HomeAway house, however it was quite far away from town. We went on a cocktail crawl on the way to our house, also to Edinburgh Zoo, shopping in the centre and Hard Rock cafe where a random man brought us a £70 bottle of champagne!

Disneyland Paris December 2018

We loved Disneyland so much we went again the following year, minus my sister! We stayed in Disney for 4 nights, and went to a nearby designer shopping mall which we spent a lot of euros.

Edinburgh March 2019

The weekend after my 18th Birthday, me and my brother went with our friends to Edinburgh where we stayed in another HomeAway house in the centre of Edinburgh (right opposite a Wetherspoons), where we went shopping, to the Edinburgh dungeons, the castle grounds, the Botanic gardens (we walked miles for that), and the Optical illusions house, and it was a fab group trip! (Minus Chloe and I falling out over dying my hair blonde)

France June 2019 – Benodet, Camping Du Letty

A couple of months later I went to France with my best friend Chloe and her family for 8 days (The camp site is brilliant). We went on a boat trip to another small island, did some shopping and drank a lot of strong French cocktails. It was a lovely holiday and we had such a fun time!

Amsterdam February 2020

Us 4 girls decided to book a city break to Amsterdam for 4 days. We did so much, ate at so many nice restaurants, went on a boat trip, the Ice bar, the Mocco museum, the Bodyworks museum, however the weather wasn’t great and we got soaked every time we went out but we all had such a laugh together and it was great to explore a different city.

My upcoming travel plans (fingers crossed) will be a Lapland holiday in January, and a girls holiday to Spain or Greece in the Summer, as well as Florida 2022 for my 21st Birthday!

“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell”

Paula Bendfeldt

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