19 things I have learned during my 19 years of life

There have been times lately where I have stopped and reflected upon my life and the lessons I have learned as a result of my particular life journey. I thought I’d share some, as it may be of interest, so below is a list of 19 things I have learned, one for each year.

  1. Social media is great but can also be toxic – and just because people appear happy 24/7 online doesn’t mean they actually are genuinely happy offline
  2. Working in fast food means people will automatically assume you’re thick, and it’s always the middle-aged that are the worst, young people are the nicest for customer service
  3. Rice can actually be nice and not boring – a bit of golden vegetable rice since trying it at uni is a great replacement for chips!!
  4. If you work hard, you do get far – I never thought I would even get into uni and do the course I wanted to do as I just didn’t believe in myself at the time
  5. The Eiffel Tower has a lot of bloody stairs and I don’t think I’ll be walking back up it in a hurry
  6. I don’t need to post everything I do – things can happen without the need for it to be posted. Just because it isn’t published online it doesn’t mean things aren’t happening beyond the eyes of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.
  7. Losing friends and building new relationships are all part of life, everyone’s lives in fact.
  8. Quids In on a Monday in Cardiff – you’ll easily have the best nights out in your life their
  9. Never stop learning – keep open-minded, knowledge is power and people can be scared of it
  10. English people do actually take the process of making a cup of tea extremely seriously and it should be CV worthy if you can make a quality cuppa
  11. Qualifications do not necessarily mean you get the highest paid jobs, or that you’re smarter than anyone else
  12. I shouldn’t stress over things that haven’t happened yet, instead I should wait until a problem arises to overcome it and avoid pointless stress !
  13. Family pets can be one of the biggest parts of your life – so when they get taken away from you it can be one of the most painful experiences ever
  14. People do bad, unexplainable, surprising, pointless, crazy, stupid things – some people learn from their mistakes and some people don’t. Don’t make excuses for other people’s actions, as how they rectify their mistakes is a reflection on the type of person that they are.
  15. I’ve accepted that in life there will always be things I am not good at (the list is quite long actually), and not everyone is perfect at everything
  16. Money isn’t as important to me as I thought, but it does help a lot of the time
  17. My favourite thing to do is go out for food and I don’t think that will ever change – yes I will pay the somewhat ridiculous food prices
  18. Being honest, admitting when I’m in the wrong and holding my hands up to stuff I do wrong is a sign of maturity and growth and should be encouraged – people prefer the truth!
  19. Finally, I have learned to not take life for granted, and to live my best life with the people I love, to remove any negativity and to be kind, as life is too short and sadly, you never know exactly what is around the corner
What have you learned throughout your life?

“If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow”


By BloggingbyHayley

- Lifestyle blogger
- 19 year old Uni student
- England, UK

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