Tips for Uni freshers!

Without a doubt, starting uni was the most exciting time for me, and thankfully my moving in and Freshers experience was made easy by my parents helping me move all my belongings into my room (There was A LOT) and having the nicest flat mates ever so I settled in quickly! In September I’ll be moving into my second year of university so the moving in part will be happening all over again which my parents may or may not be looking forward to (even MORE stuff)!

Below are some tips and things I found useful when starting uni:

  1. Facebook groups – Before attending uni, join your university freshers pages on Facebook to find people on the same course/accommodation as you so you can try and get to know each other before moving in, and hopefully you may have a familiar face to help you with anything.
  1. Freshers Fayre = Free stuff – Believe it or not, the freebies you pick up from the events in the first few weeks of uni are actually really useful, Dominos vouchers and shopping trolley coins, toothpaste and pens to last you a lifetime.
  1. Socialise as much as possible – Try and avoid staying in your room and unpack early and get all of the ‘setting up’ out of the way so you settle in as quickly as possible. Remember everyone is in the same boat being in a new environment, and making friends isn’t as daunting as it first seems! Be yourself too, do not try and pretend to be someone you are not.
  1. Be sensible with money – DO NOT blow your whole student loan in the first week meaning you have to live off of rice for the rest of the term! Budget your money from day one so you allow yourself a weekly/daily budget. I’ll be writing a student budgeting guide in an upcoming blog.
  1. Have basic domestic skills – Make sure you can cook and provide for yourself, and this also includes laundry, cleaning, washing up, etc. I thought I could do all of this independently before coming to uni and quite frankly I was wrong. Very wrong.
  1. Shared meals – If you are living with a group of others, try and establish a routine of buying group ingredients and taking it in turns to cook meals each night which can help lower the cost of your food shop. Shared items such as bread, butter and milk can also save you buying things and them going to waste.
  1. Stay safe – This is mostly important on a night out, familiarise yourself with the area as much as possible and stick with people you know, do not wander off by yourself. Make sure you go home and have money to go home with a reliable taxi service.
  1. Make the most of student services – I know my university offers well-being services that you can go to or refer a friend to if you’re worried, money advice, one-to-one meetings, payment enquiries, etc. If you think you may be entitled to a hardship grant/Student support fund, it is worth enquiring about to check your entitlements as a lot of student’s maintenance loans are not enough to even cover they’re rent.
  1. The Freshers Flu – This famous flu is real, you will get it, and I do not know anyone who did not get it by the end of Freshers. It’s the constant socialising with new people in a new environment which is prone to spreading illness. Drink lots of water, take some paracetamol and get some decent sleep as I ended up on 10 days of antibiotics with a chest infection!!

Have the best time you can as before you know it you’ll be flooded with deadlines and will have to start doing some actual studying to pass first year!

By BloggingbyHayley

- Lifestyle blogger
- 19 year old Uni student
- England, UK

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