Things I have been loving recently!

It’s Day 55 since the official lockdown was announced, and I have been finding ways to occupy myself throughout my time spent at home whilst staying as positive as possible! Here are an array of things I have been enjoying recently:

  1. Baking – I have been practicing my baking skills since my last baking attempts at uni ended up with a flooded kitchen and burnt brownies (I also blame my flat mate Rhiannon!). I followed the BBC Good Food recipe on how to make gooey chocolate brownies and they came out extremely tasty! I’m ready to impress my house mates with my cooking skills in September when we move into our student house!
  1. Giving my skin a break by not wearing makeup – I have worn makeup a handful of times since lockdown began, and those days were to make myself feel good or to test new makeup as I find doing my makeup fun. This has also been a good time for me to test out new skincare products.
  1. 1000 piece Harry Potter Jigsaw puzzle – I have just completed this as we speak after 7 weeks of doing it and it was bloody hard!
  1. Disney Plus – One of the best things to come out of lockdown! I’ve been watching all sorts, and I prefer this to Netflix.
  1. Pick n mix sweets – There are plenty of online websites that sell pick n mix which gets posted to your house, I used PostedSweets and my family enjoyed our sweets!
  1. Hair masks – I have the Tresemme colour protect hair mask which one of my best friends brought me as a birthday present and I use it once a week to treat and nourish my hair and it leaves my hair feeling amazing! 
  1. Chloe Ting free workout programmes – If you’re looking for a structured workout programme catered to your needs then give this a go – it is hard work!!
  1. Didsbury Tutti Frutti gin – £13 a bottle from Aldi, it is so nice and refreshing and worth every penny!
  1. Cleverlands by Lucy Crehan – a great non-fiction read based on the exploration of Finland and China’s education systems and what the UK is getting wrong!!
  1. Making dalgona iced coffee – I learnt this from various tiktok videos and they will definitely explain the method better than me, but I love these and I previously was not a coffee drinker!

What have you been loving during lockdown?

“Don’t count the days, make the days count”

Muhammad Ali

By BloggingbyHayley

- Lifestyle blogger
- 19 year old Uni student
- England, UK

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