Dodgy lockdown haircuts

As we all know the hairdressers probably won’t be open now until July minimum! Any males in your household (If they haven’t already shaved off their hair with a grade 1 all over or attempting their own haircut) will probably be wanting you to tackle their hair by now and will also be expecting you to have the same hairdressing experience as their usual hairdresser which we know is not the case!

2 nights ago my twin brother asked me to give him a haircut. He usually has a skin fade done in the barbers but he would not let me go so minimal with his hair. After watching a 7 minute youtube video a few weeks previous, I thought I was the best person suited to the job and I gave it a go. I do not have any hairdressing skills at all, I’m not good at anything practical, only academic, so you can imagine the result.

I am extremely clumsy and he also would not let me go near him with a pair of scissors so instead he got our Mum to cut his long fringe into a shorter one, but still keeping it long on top. She cut my hair a few weeks before that to get rid of the split ends and it actually came out good for my low expectations. Although she is most definitely not a hairdresser, she isn’t actually too bad at improvising a decent hair cut.

Anyway, my brother’s hair took an hour and a half roughly to complete until he was 50/50 satisfied with it. After my Mum used the scissors on top I went in with the clippers starting with a grade 1 up to the top of his ears and around the sides, and using a grade 2 and then 3 to try and get a half decent blend, using a flicking motion with the clippers and a comb to try and get an equal cut the whole way around.

For a first attempt, I do not think the results came out that bad, as I have definitely seen worse bowl cut lockdown attempts! I would not normally recommend this as hairdressing is a fine skill which many of us do not have, but during these current circumstances, anything is possible, apparently!

This was straight after!
This was after he had been to work the next day so it’s a bit of a mess!
This is the dodgy side where his hair overhangs… He wanted it done!

“Challenges are what makes life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful”

Joshua J. Marine

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- 19 year old Uni student
- England, UK

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