My Skincare Routine and recommendations

My social media is full of youtubers, celebrities and instagram models with glowing, spotless skin. The reality of this is a good daily skin care routine, and it does not have to involve bank-breaking products! Below are some of my steps to help you take care of your skin and hopefully see a difference on a weekly basis, in case you were just as confused as I was when starting to experiment with skincare!

Firstly, know your skin type – the five main types are normal, dry, oily, sensitive and combined. Knowing your skin type will help target problem areas and prioritise the products your skin needs most. I have normal skin so the products below are catered for my skin. There are plenty of skin type quizzes online if you’re unsure which category you fall into.

Day Routine step 1: Micellar water/Cleanser – this helps clean your face either from makeup, oil, dirt and unclog your pores. I recommend: The Ordinary Squalane cleanser (RRP £5.50 Beauty Bay)

Day Routine step 2: Serums – These usually include vitamins/targeted treatments which help give your skin a boost. This step can also include eye creams. I recommend: Balanceme Vitamin C repair serum (RRP £12 Fragrance Direct)

Day Routine step 3: Moisturiser – Helps maintain balanced skin, locks in moisture and creates a layer of hydration. I recommend: Simple replenishing rich moisturiser (RRP £2 Tesco/Superdrug) 

Day Routine step 4: Face oil – Protects skin from harmful pollutants. I recommend: Lumene Nordic-C Artic berry oil cocktail (RRP £17.90 Feelunique) OR The Ordinary 100% Organic Moroccan Argan Oil (RRP £5.90 Feelunique)

Night Routine step 1: Serums – Re-apply the same one as that morning

Night Routine step 2: Spot treatment – Helps clear up any spots I have and prevents new ones from forming. I recommend: Neutrogena visibly clear rapid treatment gel (RRP £5.35 Superdrug)

Night Routine step 3: Moisturiser/night cream – Re-apply the same moisturizer from that morning, or use a night cream which has nourishing properties.

Extras: Face masks/face scrubs – I tend to use either of these twice a week. You don’t need to overload your skin with products so much that it irritates it or takes the natural oils completely out of your skin. I recommend: Revolution skin care watermelon hydrating face mask (RRP £8 Superdrug) OR Garnier Pure Active 3in1 Clay Wash scrub (RRP £5.10 Superdrug)

Personally, keeping on top of my skin care routine and using products correctly in the right order has left me with really clear skin! Being in lockdown is one of the best times to experiment with new and different skin care products. If you do try out any of the above products/start a routine or have any recommendations for me, be sure to let me know!

The way I got into skin care and understanding how it works was through my Birchbox monthly subscription. For those of you who do not know what that is, it’s a monthly subscription box which is around £12 a month and you get 5 skincare/haircare/beauty products delivered to you every month which is catered to the profile you create. I never run out of new skincare/haircare to try through this and I only have positive things to say about it. Plus, it provides you with a little treat each month which you can pamper yourself with! Students get 50% off their first box at the moment, or use Hayley Cooper at checkout to get £5 off your first box!

A chart I created for the correct order of application

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